Myonuclei positioning in Myofibrilar myopathy model

J. Jablonska, T. Jagla  Coll. S. Huelsman, G. Daczewska

Nuclei position in muscle cells play a key role in proper muscle development and function. We recently found that dCryAB, a small heat-shock protein  (sHsp) is specifically expressed in larval muscles around the nuclei and required for correct nuclei positioning (Wojtowicz et al., 2015).


We also found that dCryAB interacts with cheerio/filaminC, an actin cross-linker known to be involved in defining nuclei position in ovary cells (Huelsman et al., 2013). In collaboration with S. Heulsman (Univ. Cambridge, UK) and G. Daczewska (Univ. Wroclaw, Poland) we will test the role of dCryAB and cheerio interactions in nuclei positioning and their impact on muscle function.
A series of transgenic Drosophila lines with different point mutations in functional domains of dCryAB and cheerio will be analyzed using gated STED-CW high resolution confocal microscopy and electron microscopy.

dCryAB is located around the myonuclei


Attenuation of dCryAB leads to nuclei mislocalization