Cell-specific genome wide analyses of cardiac defects in DM1

E. Plantié, C. Girardin, Y. Renaud, L. Picchio  Coll. D. Furling and N. Charlet

This project is dedicated to identify transcriptomic alterations and related molecular mechanisms underlying cardiac symptom of DM1. Contrary to the vertebrate heart, the Drosophila heart is not essential for survival of fruit flies, making it a good model to study progression of cardiac diseases.  

We will thus apply Drosophila DM1 model (specially developed in our lab to follow diseases progression (Picchio et al., 2013)) to investigate evolution of DM1 cardiac defects.

We will perform cell-specific transcriptional profiling of cardioblasts from young and old DM1 flies by using TU-tagging method and deep sequencing to provide a global view of cardiac transcripts alterations during disease progression.

As main cardiac DM1 symptoms appear conserved in our Drosophila model as a result we hope to get insights into underlying gene regulatory mechanisms.

This study is thus expected to provide candidates for predictive markers, which could be validated in DM1 mice and eventually applied to patients.




Increased heart period and arrythmia
(fits with heart defects of DM1 patients)